Our Covenant With God

Jan 8, 2023

What Biblical Principles Do We Find In Our Covenant With God?

As a church we seek to follow God passionately. So, each year we take a Sunday and we commit ourselves to certain Biblical principles which we have written into a Covenant Statement. And while it may seem a little odd at first, we have found it to be a blessing to clarify how we choose to live for Christ in such a document. Years ago we got away from the idea of membership, at least the way it had been done before in our church because we felt it was more focused on what I get rather than what I give. We felt that it was far better for us to consider how we were going to live as Christians than how I could be a part of a group or organization. Over these next few weeks we are preaching through the three main covenant statements to better understand the Biblical principles that are contained within each statement. I hope you'll join along as we dive deep into our Covenant with God.

In this Sermon

We're going to take a deep look at our covenant with God and carefully unpack the main Biblical principles that are found in this statement.

The Covenant Statement

"It is our Covenant that we will love God with all of our heart, mind and soul. We will forsake all others, all our comforts, traditions, and preconceived ideas, to choose God. We will spend time with Him in sacred fellowship, to study His word, to talk to Him and hear from Him, to express our hearts to Him through worship and to be guided in all matters by Him. We invite God in His grace and mercy to speak to us, to overwhelm us with His presence, to encounter us and transform our thoughts, actions, desires, lifestyle and worldview to conform to His likeness."